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Brake Noises Should Not Be Ignored

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Brake, Brake noise, Brake Repair, Brake Warning Light









The brake system of your vehicle is a very important part. If you hear any odd noises or sounds, this is an indication that the brakes are starting to fail. The brakes should be inspected to ensure that they are safe and reliable when you drive. If you ignore the issues, they will become worse. This will lead to further damage to other parts as well as other issues. If you notice the vehicle handling differently or making odd noises, schedule an appointment with us. This way we can inspect it for any issues that it might have.

Noticing Grinding Noises

You may notice that the brakes make a grinding noise when you apply them. This can be caused by metal on metal friction that the brake rotors cause. If the brake pads are too thin or have worn, then there is an issue. If there is a grinding noise, make sure to have the brakes looked at before they become unreliable. Also notice if the noise only occurs during certain things, then make us aware of it. This will help us to locate the cause of the problem by having more specific details of when it occurs.

Squeaking Sounds

Another noise you might hear is a squeaking sound. This will be caused by the parts wearing against one another when you apply the brakes. Sometimes the squeaking noise can be caused if a part of the brake system has become wet or damaged. It is always best to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it properly for you, to ensure the brake system is still efficient for when you drive. Also be aware of how the brake pedal works when you apply it. If it is too hard or too spongy, it can be caused by a brake issue with your vehicle. It is always important to be aware of any sounds or noises your vehicle might make when you drive. This way you can have a safe and reliable ride for you and your passengers. Properly working brakes will also help you to avoid an accident.