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Tune Up Service

Believe it or not, most of the vehicles on the road today have more advanced technology than Apollo 11, the first NASA spaceship to travel to the moon and back. This incredible technology has also revolutionized the way we maintain our vehicles.  On-board computers now monitor most of the systems in our cars, SUV’s and
pick-ups.  For years, our vehicles would go in for their “annual” tune-up and our trusted mechanic would go through the vehicle front to back and top to bottom performing necessary services and send us on our way.  


Today, automotive technicians and service advisors work together to perform “real time” maintenance on our vehicles.  In lieu of “annual” tune-ups, areas of your vehicle have factory specifications that recommend the mileage interval when the components and systems should receive some attention.  Coolant, transmission,  brake fluid flushes, brake service, timing belt replacement, engine issues, steering, suspension, belts & hoses, tires, sensors, cabin filters and all other areas of your vehicle can remain safe & dependable if you follow the factory recommendations. Over the life of your vehicle you will save money and enjoy trouble free driving by following the factory recommendations.


This also brings up a very important area for your vehicle…..record keeping!  By selecting and trusting a single service facility for your car, SUV or pick-up, service records will be in one convenient location.  When you arrive for your regular oil change service our service advisors can keep you updated about the maintenance services that are currently due or coming soon.  This assists you, the vehicle owner, with planning and budgeting. We will “never” suggest services for your vehicle that are not necessary……keeping you safe in a properly maintained vehicle is our only goal.