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Air Conditioning Repair Service

It happens every year, the air temperature and humidity outside are just a little bit too high and you reach for the A/C button. You press it, but does crisp refreshing air rush toward you? You hope it does, but if it doesn’t you need to have your air conditioning system diagnosed and repaired.

Originally, air conditioning systems were very large, consuming up to 50% of the vehicle’s trunk space. They were also inefficient, using over 3 times the fuel that modern air conditioning systems use today. The advent of auto air conditioning transformed multiple industries and increased passenger safety, especially for transporting children and the elderly.

When your vehicle isn’t providing you the comfort you want, a do-It-yourself Air Conditioning recharge kit can be a tempting solution.   Unfortunately, replacing refrigerant only solves one of the potential issues and your results are not guaranteed. If the system isn’t pressurized the refrigerant will leak into the air around you.  In small amounts, this is not dangerous but it is a waste of your money. Bring your vehicle to D&D Autoworks for an A/C inspection and we will provide you with a correct diagnosis and solution.

 If your air conditioner isn’t providing you with the comfort you want, schedule an appointment online or give us a call at one of our convenient locations. Choose D&D Autoworks for your AC repair.