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Transmission Service

Next to the engine, your vehicle’s transmission can deliver the most expensive bad news. While regular oil changes allow technicians to keep an eye on the operation of your engine, the transmission & drive train are easily overlooked as they are out of sight and require less attention.

Every vehicle manufacture provides a researched and tested preventative maintenance schedule for your transmission. Included in the important information is the recommended mileage interval to have transmission service performed. In addition, if you prefer, our service advisors have online access to this information for your vehicle. Some vehicles require transmission service every 15,000 miles, some have completely sealed transmissions that never need service. Transmission service is very reasonably priced and can prevent a huge repair bill down the road.

The common transmission service is to drain your transmission and re-fill it with new fluid, but in some cases, we may recommend what is called a power flush. This is common on higher mileage vehicles that may not have had a transmission service for an extended period of time. The power flush will help remove built-up sludge and other particles that may have built up inside your transmission housing.

To enjoy more miles driven without serious problems the simplest approach is to follow your vehicle’s recommended service intervals. Service advisors will regularly remind you of the services that your vehicle should have performed based on its current mileage or miles driven since you last had a recommended service performed. We do not make these suggestions in an attempt to have you spend more money. We recommend these services so “in the long run” you actually spend less. In addition, you will have the comfort and confidence knowing that you have done the important maintenance to make your vehicle as safe and trouble-free as possible.