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Starting & Charging

Even though your battery is normally one of the least expensive parts to replace, it is one of the most vital components to keep your vehicle operating.  As our vehicles have added more and more safety and convenience options, keep in mind they all require power. Your battery is constantly supplying the necessary power to every electrical component.  Vital to the battery being able to supply the necessary power, is the alternator.  As soon as your start your vehicle the alternator is charging the battery. Other important electrical system components include the starter, pulleys, and a host of wiring and cables that connect all the vital starting & charging components.

Common signs of a problem with your starting & charging system are:
  • Warning lights on the instrument panel
  • Trouble starting
  • Dimming headlights & other vehicle lighting
  • Burning electrical smell

If you experience any problems with your starting & charging system our ASE trained technicians can diagnose and repair the impacted area.  Battery & alternator failure is common and convenient to diagnose.  If your vehicle has a wiring or connection problem, those can require more time and research to find.