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Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel alignment is thankfully one of those automotive services that normally sends a clear message when it is time for a check up.  In addition, with the invention of the laser style alignment equipment, checking the alignment of your vehicle has become much more convenient and less expensive. When should you have your alignment checked?  First, whenever you purchase new tires, “always” have your alignment checked.  Tires are an expensive update and the last thing you want to do is put new tires on an out of alignment car, SUV or pick-up and have the new tires wear out quickly because your alignment is out of whack.  Speaking of tires, they are one of the “best” telltale reasons it is time for an alignment check. Tires that are wearing unevenly, or are simply wearing out to soon, are excellent indicators that your have an alignment issue.  Two additional signs of an alignment problem are your vehicle pulls to the right or the left when you take your hands off the steering wheel, or you suddenly notice that your steering wheel is off center when you are driving straight.


The other commonly asked question is should you have a 2 wheel or 4 wheel alignment?  Most of today’s vehicles have 4 wheel independent suspension so a 4 wheel alignment is your best option.  On larger trucks and SUV’s with a solid rear axle, a 2 wheel alignment may be all you need.  Even then, the technician will take steps to make sure the front wheels are properly aligned with the rear to provide the best handling possible.  If a solid rear axle vehicle has been in an accident, a 4 wheel alignment is probably the direction your automotive facility will recommend.


One driving note…most roads have a crown which means there is a built-in slope to allow water to run off.  If you are driving and take your hands off the wheel to check alignment, most vehicles will naturally begin to pull towards the “right” side of the road because of this.  You may want to look for another alignment check point to confirm your suspicion.


Lastly, pricing for alignments will vary between 2 wheel, 4 wheel and a simple alignment check.  Please give us a call, or send us an e-mail, and we will be happy to provide an accurate estimate.  Remember, a properly aligned vehicle is a pleasure to drive!