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Windshield Wiper Damage from Winter

by | May 28, 2021 | Safe Driving Tips, Visibility, windshield wipers, Wipers | 0 comments


Winter can cause windshield wiper damage, even if they are mild. Winters can be quite unforgiving in most parts of the country, and not just for people. Your cars also face the harsh effects of the snow and extreme temperatures throughout the winter season. This incurs a lot of repair and maintenance bills as soon as spring rolls around. Just like other components in your car give way, your windshield wipers also get damaged during the winter.


The windshield wipers are crucial to proper visibility and clean windshields in the car. When they get damaged, you are at risk of not being able to see the road properly. Let’s have a more thorough look at what winters do to your windshield wipers.


Wiper Damage

When you leave your car outside and it snows heavily, the entire car is covered with ice and snow. The windshield wipers get stuck to the glass, making it highly difficult to lift them up or use them again. If you left your wipers in the “on” position and you turn on the power, they would actually struggle against the snow. This causes them to possibly break, or damage the internal motor that moves them left and right.


Wiper Issues from Sand and Salt

In most places, snowy roads are covered with salt and sand to build more traction, as well as to melt the snow more quickly. However, this may be bad news for your windshield wipers. As the salt and sand can make its way to your wiper blades as other cars drive way. This can cause the rubber blades to get scratched and dried, and when you turn on your wipers, they may scratch the glass of your windshield, thus causing even more damage.

Regular Inspections are Needed

SO, as you can see, winters can be quite rough for your windshield wipers, and they may also lead to further damage to your windshield. It is beneficial and recommended to replace them as soon as spring arrives. When the temperature gets warmer and the sun is out, you can easily and safely drive your car with maximum visibility.