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Why winter tires are beneficial

by | Dec 18, 2013 | Safe Driving, Tire Repair, Winter Driving Tips, Winter Weather Preparedness

Winter driving can sometimes be difficult. Driving in snow, sleet, or on ice can be hazardous if you are not aware of the road conditions. Investing in winter tires can be beneficial. They can also help to keep you and your passengers safe when driving. Winter tires are designed to handle the roads better in the winter. They are made with special tread and rubber designs that help to grip the roads. No matter what tires you have on the vehicle, always make sure to drive safe and cautions in the winter. Poorly covered roads can become an issue if the vehicle travels at high speeds.

The tread should be in good condition

Winter tires have a unique tread that is specific for driving through snow, ice, slush, and water. This tread is able to help channel the weather elements away from the tire. The tread helps to give the tires better contact with slick or slippery roads. Always make sure you replace all four tires at once. This way you can help to have consistency when you drive. You can notice better handling, control, traction, and grip by using recommended winter tires for your vehicle. Always make sure to inspect the tread on the tires on a regular basis. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the tread. We can also check the air pressure and condition of the tires. Having good quality tires can help ease the stress of driving in the winter.

They are made with a softer rubber

Regular tires and all season tires can begin to get harder as the temperatures get colder. As the temperature drops, regular tires will lose some of their grip they have on the road. Winter tires are made of a much softer rubber. The winter tires are also designed so the rubber also stays soft in the cold temperatures. This can help to allow the tires to grip and cover more ground on the road when you are driving.

Winter tires help in poor weather conditions

Winter tires are beneficial because they are designed to help handle winter better. The tread and soft rubber that makes up the tires can help provide added safety for you and your vehicle. Winter tires can also help to control the vehicle through a variety of winter weather conditions that you may encounter. As the temperatures begin to drop and freeze, patches of ice can develop on overpasses and bridges. Sometimes the ice can be hidden and black ice can form. By investing in winter tires, you may help to prevent most of the common winter driving hazards. Skidding, slipping, and a loss of traction are issues that can come with winter weather driving. If you are unsure what type of tire is right for your vehicle, bring it in. We can help to advise you on the choices you have for what tires is best for your vehicle. We can also inspect the tires to make sure they are in the best condition possible. This can help to provide a safe, reliable, and comfortable ride.