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Winter Ready Cars and what to Do

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Safe Driving, winter, Winter care, Winter Driving Tips



In the winter, you will want to check several things for your vehicle. This way you can help ensure that the parts and components are working efficiently. If there are ever any issues that you notice, always make sure to contact us. Setting up an appointment is important so that we can inspect everything for your vehicle. If there is an issue this winter, we can have it repaired and get you back on the road again. If you are not sure when regular maintenance should be done, make sure to contact us to set it up.

Visibility in Winter

You will want to have the best visibility in the winter. Make sure that you have an ice scrapper in your vehicle, so that you can remove snow and ice from the windshield. Never just scrape an area out the drivers side of the windshield, but rather the whole windshield. You will also want to make sure to clear off the side windows and rear windshield as well. Having proper visibility all around you is important for the safety of you and those around you when you drive. Also make sure that you check the condition of the windshield wipers. If they are less than ideal, make sure to have them replaced with a new set as soon as possible.

Check the Tires

Always remember to check the air pressure in your tires as well. During cold winter months, you will notice a decrease in the air pressure. This can cause the tires to go low and flat more often. If the leak is happening on a regular basis, bring the vehicle in. We can check the tires for any issues that they may have. This could be damage to the tires or even a nail stuck in them. You will want to keep your vehicle in the best condition and lasting as long as possible, so always check the tires.