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Winter Means you have to Clear the Windshield

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Clearing the windshield, General Car Maintenance, windshield, windshield wipers


Clearing off the windshield is important. After a winter storm has ended, you probably have to dig out your car. You will also need to clear off the windshield and other windows for your vehicle. Not only should you make sure to clear a spot to see, but clean off the whole windshield on your vehicle. By doing so, you can ensure you have the best visibility, and can see all around you when you drive.

When you clean off your vehicle, if the snowfall was particularly heavy, your exhaust pipes may be blocked. You don’t want deadly carbon monoxide wafting into the cabin when the car is running, so use a shovel to clear the obstruction. Do the same with the front end if the radiator is blocked.


Scrapping the windshield

Before you start scraping, you should start the car. Almost all new cars have automatic locks, which allows you to open the doors with a click of your key. However, if you drive an older car, you’ll need to insert the key in the door lock — but the slot may be frozen. If you suspect this will be the case, bring out a lock deicer solution. Spray the deicer in the slot, and in a few seconds, should open. Once you turn on your vehicle, turn the heat on. A warm interior makes it easier to scrape away ice. Put the air on high, and activate the front and rear defrosters.

Do not use water

Do not pour hot water on your windshield, but that’s not a good idea, as it can crack your windshield. Instead, there are commercial windshield deicer products available that you can use. After spraying it one, it can help to melt the frost or loosen up the ice. Take an ice scraper to start scraping ice and frost off the windshield and windows. Also take a few moments to clear off the hood and roof of snow and any loose pieces of ice. If you ignore this and have them on, they can blow off and impair your vision, or the vision of the drivers around you. By clearing off the vehicle completely, you can increase your driving safety.