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Winter Maintenance for your Vehicle

by | Dec 28, 2018 | fluid, Tires, winter, Winter care


In the winter you will want to make sure that the vehicle has regular maintenance done. If there are issues with your vehicle, you will want to bring it in as soon as possible. Doing so can help you to prevent further issues and damage. It will also help prevent a costly repair bill. Any odd noises or sounds should be a cause for concern for the vehicle. Also notice what was happening when the noise happened. If there is an odd noise when only the brakes are applied, then the issue may be only with the brakes. It is always best to bring the vehicle in so we can properly inspect it for what the issue might be.





Check the Tires

The tires should be properly inspected to ensure they have the right air pressure and inflation for them. In the winter you will notice that the air decreases quicker than it otherwise should. This is from the cold air that affects the rubber tire. You may also have an issue with the valve stem or the tire having a bead leak. When the tire continues to lose air, it is recommended to bring the vehicle in so we can check the tires. We will also check the valve stem and the rims of each wheel as well. The tread should also be inspected. On slick roads, the tread will help to grip the road a little better.

Don’t forget the Fluids

Also make sure that the fluid levels are inspected as well. Each reservoir should be inspected to make sure the fluid is at the line that is indicated by the reservoir. If a fluid goes low often, there could be a leak in the hose. These should be checked to ensure that there are not any cracks or damage to them. The oil will also need to be changed based on the recommended schedule for the vehicle.