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Why the Tires are Low?

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Tire inspection, Tire Repair, Tire rotations, Tires


Cold temperatures can result in the tires losing air pressure at a more frequent rate. For every drop in ten degrees for the temperature, the tires can lose a pound per square inch of air. So if there is a significant drop in temperature, you will notice that the tires may be lower on your vehicle. If you want to get an accurate air pressure reading, do so after the vehicle has sat for awhile, or before you drive. This allows the tires to stay cool and get the most correct reading. If they are driven on, they will warm up and will expand. This results in a false reading for the air pressure.

Tires in good condition

Besides the air pressure, you will want to make sure the tires are in the best condition possible also. They should be free of any cracks, punctures, or any visible objects or obstructions. If there is a nail or screw in the tire, make sure to have it removed by us as soon as possible. We can check to see the issue and how to have it repaired for you as quickly as possible. You will not want to remove the object yourself, as it can cause the tire to lose air much quicker. If there a nail, you may notice a slow leak in the tires. If you put enough air in the tire, and it goes low rather quickly, make sure to schedule an appointment so we can inspect it.

Valve stem

Besides the tire, air could be leaking through the valve stem. Sometimes in the cold temperatures air can leak out and cause the tire to lose air pressure. The best way to solve any issues is to contact us. We can schedule an appointment so your vehicle can be properly inspected.