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Why the Oil is important for your vehicle

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Auto Repair, General Car Maintenance, Oil Change

Since the oil helps to lubricate the engine and parts when it is in operation, you will want to keep clean oil in your vehicle. Changing the oil should be done on a regular basis. If you are unsure of how often this should be done, bring the vehicle in and we can help advise you on a schedule. Bringing your vehicle in for regular inspections is essential in keeping it in a good operating condition. That way you can help your vehicle to be safe and reliable for when you need it.


What is an oil change?


The oil is an important fluid for your vehicle because it helps to lubricate the parts and components as it travels through the system. The lubrication is important to prevent friction. This is especially important since the engine is designed with components rubbing against one another to create the energy needed to work the vehicle. Since the engine demands so much use from the oil, eventually the chemical construction of the motor oil will break down. This can be an issue because it will no longer provide lubrication to the parts of the vehicle. Without the lubrication, engine parts are rubbing directly against one another. If this happens, it can cause severe damage to the parts of the vehicle, and may even result in them needing to be replaced. Old and less effective oil should be drained and replaced with new fresh oil. This can help to ensure proper lubrication of the vehicle when it runs.


Do not put off changing the oil


Every vehicle needs to have the oil changed on a regular basis. Keep to the recommended schedule of when the oil should be changed, so fresh clean oil is able to lubricate the engine and other parts of the vehicle. You can also notice when the oil should be changed if the dashboard warning light comes on and stays on. If the light illuminates, bring your vehicle in as soon as you can so the oil can be changed. Changing the oil on a regular basis is the best way to keep your vehicle at peak performance and maximize the life of it.


Not changing the oil could mean doing damage to the vehicle


The best reason to change the oil is to avoid any damage that might be done to the engine. Oil changes can also decrease the chance of any significant wear and damage being done to parts of your vehicle. The oil lubricates all moving parts while your vehicle is in operation. Not changing the oil could mean serious consequences for the engine. By not having oil, you run the risk of having the moving parts jam up or fail. Also, there could be issues with the parts and components of the vehicle if the oil is old and has a build up of dirt and contaminants. It is also important to change the oil filter when recommended to keep the oil as clean as possible.