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Time for Summer General Vehicle Maintenance

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Auto Repair, General Car Maintenance, Vehicle Safety Inspections

Enjoy the summer with general vehicle maintenance. Regular checks of your vehicle will help the parts last longer, keep you safer on the road, and help control your auto repair costs and gas usage. Summer is the time when many people schedule more outings and it is the lead into the busy vacation season when people travel out of town. Whether you drive a domestic or import, you need to make sure that your vehicle is up to the additional excursions across the country or across town.

Start with the Basics

General car maintenance usually includes an oil change and fluid check. Engine oil and the other fluids such as transmission and brake fluids help to keep the parts of the vehicle clean, cool, and lubricated. You should make sure that you have the proper levels and that the fluid is clean. When you change the oil or other fluid, you should make sure that you change all of the accompanying filters. An oil change should include a new oil and air filter. The radiator, brakes, and transmission should have the filters checked and changed when needed. You should check the spark plugs, wires, and the battery. The spark plugs and battery terminals should be free from corrosion and dirt and the wires should be supple and whole. Remove and replace any damaged parts.

Other Things to Include

This would a good time to inspect your headlights, taillights, and windshield wipers. While these parts may seem insignificant, they lend greatly to the safety of your vehicle. You should make sure that the lights, wipers are in working order, and that you have adequate windshield wiper fluid. You should also check your electrical system and pay attention to your check engine soon and service engine soon lights. These lights will alert you to any potential problems. A mechanic can place your vehicle on a special computer and take a reading of the computer system in your vehicle. This will tell you if you have any major issues that need to be addressed. A thorough washing of the vehicle will remove any road salt, mud, and debris that remained after the snow melted.

Do Not Forget the Bottom of the Vehicle

You should make sure that your tires are properly inflated and that you have even tread wear. The wear pattern can tell you if it is time for a wheel alignment or an adjustment to your suspension. Uneven wear may mean that you need to rotate the tires, but a wear pattern limited to one side of the tire could mean that you need a wheel or suspension alignment or your tires need to be balanced. Check your brakes to make sure you have adequate padding on the pads and an even wear pattern on the brake discs. Thin pads mean that they need to be replaced. Deep scratches or gouges mean that you need to replace the discs. You should also check your exhaust system to make sure that it is free from corrosion and holes. Taking care of your vehicle will keep on the road to enjoy an eventful summer.