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The Importance of Tire Maintenance

by | Dec 12, 2016 | General Car Maintenance, Road Trips, Safe Driving Tips, Tire Repair



Inspecting and maintaining the tires on a regular basis can also help to extend the life of the tires. There are a few basic steps involved in maintaining the tires. There are also some important precautions that you can follow to help improve the life of the tires, as well as your own safety.


Tires can last depending on how the vehicle is driven, where it is driven, and how much maintenance is performed for the vehicle and tires. If the tires have been worn down so they are no longer efficient, they should be replaced as soon as possible. Always make sure to bring your vehicle in for the recommended maintenances it needs. We can also inspect the tires to ensure they are in a good and efficient condition. Checking the air pressure, how they are wearing, and the alignment is important so the tires can be as effective as possible.


The most important thing to do in tire maintenance is to select the correct type of tire for your vehicle. Always use the type of tire that is recommended for the vehicle. This information can usually be found and is listed in the vehicle owner’s manual, as well as inside the door of the vehicle. If you are unsure of what type of tire is the best for your vehicle, we can help advise and recommend the correct kind. Once the tires are installed on your vehicle, make sure to keep them lasting as long as possible by checking the inflation and condition of them on a regular basis. It is also recommended to rotate the tires so they can wear evenly with time and miles.


The tire pressure is also very important in keeping the tires in good condition. It is recommended to check the inflation of the tires every time you fill up with fuel. This is also beneficial because most gas stations provide compressed air for inflation. All vehicles have a recommended inflation level listed inside the door, so you can be assured they are filled properly. In the winter, you can lose as much as a pound per square inch for every ten degree drop in temperature. The tires should be checked for proper air pressure after they have sat awhile, as driving and warming them up can give you a false reading.


If you notice anything out of the norm with your vehicle, make sure to schedule an appointment to bring it in. We can inspect the vehicle, as well as the tires for the winter.