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The Brake System and the Parts that Make it

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Brake, Brake noises, Brake Repair, Car Care Tips | 0 comments

The brake system is actually an arrangement of different components and linkages like brake drum, brake lines, brake disc, master cylinder, mechanical linkages, fulcrums, and more. These are arranged in a way that it converts the automobile’s kinetic energy into heat energy. If you ever notice an issue when applying the brakes or stopping, make sure to contact us. That way we can inspect it to help prevent a costly repair bill or more damage to parts.

Brake System and How long it goes for

Typically brake pads last around 40,000 miles on an average, but the range can also be quite expansive. Sometimes it can be varying from 20,000 miles to 60,000 miles. Many factors can affect your brake pad’s life span; your driving habits can also affect the lifespan of your brake. At the same time, the harmful materials are a big reason for decreasing the durability of your brake pads.

We have a couple of things noted down for you to increase the life of your brake pads and so that they work smoothly and you have a safe drive: try to drive according to the flow of the traffic to avoid unnecessary heavy braking and try to always give yourself enough following distance from the vehicles ahead of you so you can coast to a comfortable and pleasant stop

Maintaining the Brake System

Your car comes with a suggested brake maintenance manual that schedules everything. Getting your brake checked every 12000 miles and having your fluid changed every 25000 miles is the best rule of thumb. It would help if you tried to get your maintenance checked by your local mechanic regularly. Leaving your brake maintenance unattended is very dangerous because you have no control over your velocity if you have no control over the brakes.

The part that makes the brake system

A complete brake system almost consists of five parts

·      Pedals

Pedals of a brake are used to exert pressure by the driver to stop the vehicle—the piston moves when the pedal is pressed.

·      Master Cylinder

A master cylinder is directly placed in the front of the seat of the driver on the firewall inside the engine.

·      Break booster

The brake booster is mounted directly behind the master cylinder on the firewall.

·      Drum Breaks

The drum brake can be found on the rear wheels. When the breaks are pressed, the fluid forces down its way into the cylinder of the drum brake.

·      Anti-Lock

In any unfortunate event, if the wheels lock up due to some sort of panic breaking or your steering control is gone. It gets detected by the anti-lock brake system, and they immediately pump the brakes.

Now that you know what the brakes are made of, time for you to hire a professional to check your brake pads for you! D&D Auto works provide you with both experience and expertise to help you keep your vehicle’s brake functional. And you can acquire these services right here in St. Louis Park, MN. Don’t keep your vehicle waiting!