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The Brake Pads are Important for the Brake System

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Anti-Lock Brakes, Brake Repair, Car Care Tips, General Car Maintenance









Having the vehicle inspected is important to the overall safety and reliability of it. One area that should be inspected is the brake system. You will want to check the brake pads and brake rotors. If they are worn out and need replacing, we can advise you on the options you have. We can even inspect the brake pads to see how much of the brake pad is remaining. Having them inspected can help prevent further issues with them, as well as problems with brake rotors. When the brake pads of a vehicle are getting thin, it can then also lead to damage on other parts to the braking system. This could include the calipers and the rotors of the brakes. If those get bent or worn, it could require more time to have them fixed.


If you notice that it takes longer to stop than it typically does, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible. You might have a heavier load than normal in the vehicle or you might have an issue with your brakes. If the vehicles stops slower, make sure to have the brake system inspected. It could mean there is low brake fluid, or that there is a problem with the brake lines in the vehicle.


Other issues you may notice are any strange noise. When coming to a complete stop, make sure to notice anything strange like any noises that you hear. This could mean that there is an issue with the brake system. Grinding metal on metal might mean the brake pads are completely worn down and you are grinding the rotors down. That means the vehicle will not stop nearly as fast and you are doing damage to the entire braking system of the car. It could also mean there is something off balance and needing adjustment on the calipers or something on the tire. No matter what issue you notice with the vehicle, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it for you.