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The Belts and Hoses of Your Vehicle

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Belts and Hoses, Car Care Tips, General Car Maintenance, Safe Driving Tips











When you inspect your vehicle, it is important to check all of the parts. The belts and hoses are some of the most overlooked parts of your vehicle. They are essential to make sure that your vehicle operates properly when you drive. If you notice any noise from under your hood, it can indicate an issue with the belts. Make sure to schedule an appointment so we can inspect them for you.


The hoses are important because they help cool the engine. They move coolant fluid from the radiator to the hottest part of the engine. It then returns the overheated fluids back to the radiator to begin the cycle again. The release of the heat through the radiator is what keeps your vehicle from overheating. If even one of these hoses becomes leaky or deteriorates to the point where it cannot do the job well. This can result in the vehicle being more likely to overheat when you drive.


The belts of the vehicle are another parts that are used for a variety of functions for the engine. The most well know belts are the serpentine belts. They run the pulleys that operate the steering pump, water pump, alternator, and air pump. If any of the serpentine belts are worn, comes loose or frays, then all of these critical systems will leave you with an unexpected breakdown. Timing chains, another type of belt, are also important to your car’s performance. A timing chain makes sure that the engine valves open and close. If the timing chain becomes loose or breaks, the engine piston’s and valves can collide, causing serious engine damage. To help ensure the proper efficiency and performance of your vehicle, make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can inspect it for you.