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Summer Emergency kit for your Car

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Car Care Tips, Emergency kit, Jump starting, Maintained | 0 comments

Having a summer emergency kit for your vehicle can be extremely beneficial. The last thing you will want to have is an unexpected breakdown, and not being prepared for it. While going to regular maintenance can help reduce the chance of this happening, accidents do happen. Check the owner’s manual to be aware when the vehicle should be maintained. We can also advise when tasks should be done. Giving the vehicle a bumper to bumper inspection will help catch any issues or problems that might be starting.

Emergency kit should include jumper cables

While jumper cables may be associated as being needed only in the winter, they are also important to have during summer. If the lights of the vehicle are left on or a door is not shut properly, the battery may go dead. Having jumper cables and knowing how they work is important so the car will be jumped correctly. Otherwise there is a risk of further damage being done to the vehicle, battery, or yourself if it is done incorrectly.


Also remember that a flashlight will be needed for your emergency kit. If an incident happens at night, you will need a flashlight to find things either in your car or the exterior of it. Also make sure to have spare batteries for the flashlight as well. That way you can ensure that it will be able to last as long as you need it to. If you need to jump the car, or check the tires, a flashlight will be needed. Remember that the emergency kit should also have all the necessary tools and items to change a tire. This should include a jack, wrench, and even a spare tire. It is also a good idea to have a bottle or two of water. This way you can ensure to stay hydrated, especially if it is warm out.