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Spare Tire Care is Important for your Vehicle

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Safe Driving Tips, Spare, Tire Repair, Tires


The spare tire of the vehicle can easily be forgotten about. If a regular tire blows or is damaged, you will need to rely on the spare tire until you can get the regular tire fixed for your vehicle. When you bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance, we can check the tires and spare for you. This can also be true when a bumper to bumper inspection is done as well. If you notice any issues with your tires as you drive, always make sure to tell us. By alerting us to anything you notice, we can check it over for any problems. Doing so could prevent an unexpected breakdown when you are driving.


Driving on a Spare

Driving on a spare tire is much different than driving on a regular tire. You will want to make sure you do not drive too far or too long on the tire. It is not recommended to drive further than 50 miles when this tire is on your vehicle. If you drive further, you run the risk of the tire going out as well. This only meant to be a temporary solution until the damaged tire is then repaired again. Remember you inspect the vehicle, to also check the spare. You will want it to have the proper air pressure, as well as being in good condition if you would drive on it.

Adjust your Speed

Also remember to take things slow on a spare tire. You will not want to drive more than fifty miles per hour when it is on the vehicle. If you drive too fast, the tire will not rotate correctly. This is because the spare is small than a regular tire. If you are not sure if the tire is in the best condition possible, contact us and we can inspect it for you.