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Signs that the Alternator is having Issues

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Alternator, Auto Repair, Car Care Tips, General Car Maintenance




The alternator of a vehicle is an important part of the mechanical system. The alternator is responsible for charging the battery when the vehicle is being driven. Having an efficient alternator can help to ensure that when the engine is turned off, the battery will be fully charged. This will then help increase the chances of the vehicle being able to start when it is turned back on. A bad alternator can lead to a variety of issues. This can range from a dead battery to poor illumination of interior lights and headlights. A poor alternator can also lead to a stranded vehicle if it fails. It is important to go to regular scheduled maintenances. We can inspect the vehicle for what condition the parts are in, and how they are wearing.




Almost every vehicle has a type of warning light that is located on the dashboard. It will start to illuminate if the alternator is not functioning correctly, or starts to go out. The warning light may often say “ALT” or something similar. If the alternator warning light does not turn off after a few seconds after starting the engine, it is an indication there is an issue. When starting the vehicle, the light will stay on for a couple of seconds automatically, which is normal. If the alternator warning light comes on and starts blinking, make sure to pull the vehicle over as soon as possible. A warning light that blinks can indicate something much more serious is wrong with the vehicle.




If you notice the vehicle is hard to start, it could indicate an issue with the alternator. The alternator is responsible for keeping the battery of the vehicle charged. If the engines turns over slowly and is difficult to start, the issue may be with the alternator. It could be an indication that the alternator is starting to fail and is not properly charging the vehicle as is should be. It is always best to bring the vehicle in so we can diagnose what is causing the issue.




If the alternator does not properly charge the battery in the vehicle, another sign could be noticed from the headlights. Dim headlights or interior lights may be an indication that the alternator is failing. There also may be the sign that the lights are not as bright as they typically are. It is always best to bring the vehicle in, so we can inspect it.




If the battery continually dies after the vehicle has been sitting, it may be because the alternator is failing. The alternator should be charging the battery properly. While a low or dead battery is not only caused by a bad alternator, it is recommended to bring the vehicle in. The battery could be old and in need of replacing.