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The battery is an important part for your vehicle. Without the battery your vehicle will not even be able to start. The battery is dependent on three main components to work efficiently. The battery relies on the alternator, starter, and the battery terminals. The battery should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure it is clean and free of any debris or corrosion. An old battery can affect the vehicle in negative ways that could slowly add up to a costly repair bill. That is why at the first sign of an issue, bring your vehicle in so we can inspect the battery and the connecting components. The battery will need to work harder as the temperatures get colder, so it is important to have it in an optimal condition.


The engine cranks but does not start


If the engine is turning over but not starting, it is more than likely the battery. Sometimes these signs might be mistaken for a bad starter or alternator. Make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can once the vehicle starts. We can inspect the battery, starter, and alternator to find the source of the issue. This can help to provide you with a reliable vehicle again as you drive.


No power to your vehicle


If you try and start your vehicle and it does not start, it may be the battery. Another way to tell the battery is the issue is if the vehicle does not even crank, or that the lights do not illuminate. If the vehicle does not have enough power to work the lights, crank, or turn over, it may be a combination of the battery and alternator issue.


The vehicle works fine at first


If your vehicle starts fine, but then dies after awhile, there could be an irregular problem. This is a sign that the battery terminals are loose, broken, corroded, or calcified. Inspect the battery to see if you notice anything. The connections should have a firm secure fit onto the battery posts. Even if the terminals are slightly loose, it could still cause a big enough problem to affect the vehicle negatively.


Difficult cranking when it is cold


Typically, it will be harder to start your vehicle in the colder temperatures. Most times you will have to put extra energy into starting the vehicle. It may take slightly longer for the engine to turn over because the vehicle will be cold and fluids are slow moving. It is important to let the vehicle warm up for a few minutes before you drive it. This can get fluids and parts moving effectively so it can sustain typical driving conditions. You can also bring the vehicle in if you feel there is an issue with the battery.


Jumping the battery is required


One of the most common signs that the battery is starting to fail is if you need to jump the battery frequently. This is because the battery is no longer able to hold its charge and will drain quickly. Bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the battery and replace it if necessary.