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Saving Money this Spring with Maintenance

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Car Care Tips, Fluids, General Car Maintenance, Saving Money | 0 comments

As you are saving money because fuel prices are at a record low, this can help to benefit your vehicle. Support the local repair shops by making sure your vehicle is top performance and efficiency. We can inspect it bumper to bumper and look for any signs of an issue. Following the routine maintenance will help the vehicle to last longer and reduce the costly repair bills. One of the best things to do for the tires is to have them rotated and aligned. A tire rotation will switch the front tires to back, and right to left. This way the tires will have a more balanced way of wearing. Based on the mileage of your vehicle, we can determine when the tires will need to be rotated.


Also make sure that the tires are aligned. One of the most common signs of this is if the vehicle pulls in one direction or the other. It could also mean other issues like poor steering or brakes, so make sure that we inspect it for you. The tires should be wearing and rotating straight. Even if they are off slightly, it could have extreme wear to the tires in the long term. If the tread is not wearing evenly, an alignment may be beneficial for your vehicle. Remember to always check the air pressure in the tires, as this will help keep the ride smooth. If the tires are too low, driving could damage the rims of the vehicle.


Remember to listen for any odd noises or sounds from your vehicle. These issues should be inspected and repaired as soon as possible. If they are not, only further damage will result. Any grinding noise could mean that two parts are wearing against one another. If this is the case, you may have an unexpected breakdown if a part fails. Always make sure to contact us, and we can set up an appointment for you.