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Removing Snow from your Vehicle before Driving

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Removing Snow, Safe Driving Tips, Safety, Winter care



Removing the snow and ice from your vehicle is important. Not only is this important for you, but it is important for others. You will want to make sure that the ice and snow is removed form the windshield of your vehicle. Also remember to check the rear window of your vehicle as well. If there is any snow on the windows, you will not be able to see fully around you. You will also want to remember to clear off the side windows of the vehicle as well.

Removing Snow

When removing snow and ice, you will want to start your vehicle so it can warm up. As it warms up, this will make removing the snow and ice from the windshield easier. You will also want to check the windshield wipers as you scrape as well. Do not hit them as this can cause damage. You will want to check that there are no rips or tears on the blades. If there are, you should invest in a new set of wipers. Since windshield wipers are inexpensive, it is ideal to replace them twice a year. You may also check the arm of the wiper to make sure there is not any damage to that as well. Any issues you notice should also result in an appointment so we can inspect them.


Remember that you should top off the fluids of your vehicle as well. Sometimes these become low, so you will want to check them regularly. If you notice one gets low often, schedule an appointment with us so we can inspect what the issue might be. Sometimes the hoses are damaged and this results in a leak. This will only get worse with time. By having your vehicle properly maintained, you can help to have a reliable ride this winter.