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Remember to Inspect the Seat Belts

by | May 21, 2015 | Car Care Tips, Driving Habits, Safe Driving Tips, Seat Belts

To help keep your vehicle safe and reliable, make sure to inspect it regularly. This should also include the seat belts. There are some things that are just vital to have in a car that you simply cannot go without for safety reasons. Seat belts and car restraint systems for children are items that are required by law to be in place for every travel of every age. Different states will have specific laws regarding children and where they can be placed depending on their age. But federal guidelines also state the basics for seat belts of the passengers in every single car in the country.


What the Seat Belts should be Checked For

Just like every other system available in a car or truck, the seatbelts need to be checked to make sure they work properly. When you have a vehicle that has seat belts that are not used on a regular basis, it is a good idea to pull them out and make sure they retract like they are supposed to in case someone ever does climb in and sit in one of those places. The reverse can also be said for seat belts. Heavily used seat belts should be pulled out and checked to make sure they are not stretched out and that they still retract as they are supposed to. If in either situation they do not recoil or lock up, then take it to a repair shop where they can be fixed. Keeping everyone safe in the car should be your top priority, no matter if it takes a little time out of your schedule.

Seat Belt Laws

The law states that any passenger in the front seat must wear a safety belt. It does not matter the time of the day, the size of the passenger or where you are going. Buckle up or else you will get a ticket if you do not have your seat belt on. It is important to follow the laws so you do not get a ticket and endanger the lives of you or your passengers.

Seat Belts and Car Seats for Children

The laws regarding infants and children in the back seat are pretty tough these days. Gone are the days when you could pile ten kids in the back of a vehicle and traipse across town to whatever location you were after. Now, you need each child in their own safety seat which is hooked in with a seat belt. Children who are under a certain weight and height requirement are required to sit in a booster seat. Babies that are under one year old need to sit in a car seat that faces the rear of the car in the middle. This is because their necks and heads might not be able to withstand the force of an accident from the front, so they are turned around to defy gravity if it ever happened. Children between one and usually three years of age need to sit in a seat that has a buckle and a harness system to keep them in place. When they weight too much or are too tall, then they graduate up to the booster seat and can be placed anywhere in the backseat that has a seatbelt to hold them in place.