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Proper Headlight Maintenance for your Vehicle

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Auto Repair, Car Care Tips, General Car Maintenance, Night Driving

One thing you might not think about are the headlights of the vehicle. They are an important part of the vehicle, however, you may not notice an issue with them until they are needed. Not only is it important to make sure they power on and illuminate, but also how they are adjusted and how bright they are. There are some headlight tips you can do to help provide the best possible headlights for your vehicle. It is also important to remember to check the taillights as well. When checking the headlights and taillights, make sure to take the time and check the blinkers. The turn signals are important because they alert those around you to what direction you will be turning. If one of the fuses goes out, make sure to bring the vehicle in so we can replace it for you. This can help for the vehicle to become safe when you are traveling.

Check the lenses of the lights

When checking the headlights, make sure to inspect the lenses. They should be crystal clear. If you notice any fogginess or yellowing to them, consider replacing them. The headlight lenses will naturally become cloudy with time. This can lead to the beams becoming distorted as well. With poor lenses, not only will your vision be impaired, but it makes it difficult for others to see you as well.

The brightness should be checked as well

Even if the headlights work, they still may need to be replaced. If the headlights become dim, a new set is recommended. With age, the headlights will naturally become dim. If you are unsure if the lights are dimming, be sure to check them. You can also bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the lights for you. To check the headlights, park on a level surface that is about five feet from a building wall or door. Then turn the headlights on. The light from the headlights should be bright white in color. If you notice they are yellow, a different color from one another, or dim, it may be time to replace the headlights. At this time, you can also check to make sure they are aimed correctly as well. The bulbs can be replaced quickly and efficiently. This can help to provide you with a good driving experience with proper visibility.

Replace the lights in pairs

If you are in need of a new headlight, make sure to replace the headlights in pairs. If only one headlight is replaced, you will then have one bright headlight and one dim one. In order to help avoid this issue you can replace both bulbs at the same time. This can help to ensure an even illumination when you are driving on the road. The same is true for the taillights. If you replace one, make sure to replace both. This can help provide adequate lighting so others are aware of where you are. You can also bring the vehicle in so we can inspect the headlights, taillights, and signals for you.