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Make sure to Inspect the Spare Tire regularly

by | Apr 14, 2014 | Car Care Tips, General Car Maintenance, Road Trips, Tire Repair

It is important to inspect the tires of the vehicle. This can help to make sure the ride is pleasant. Besides inspecting the tires, make sure to also check the spare tire. Most vehicles come with a spare tire. If your vehicle does not have one, make sure to invest in a spare tire. This is important incase you will need to use the spare tire in an emergency. We can also inspect the tires, as well as the spare tire for you. Another area we can check is how the spare tire is attached to the vehicle. If there are hinges or other attachments, we can make sure they are working effectively. If the spare tire is placed on the back of the vehicle, you will want to make sure you can access it. Over time, the parts may start to rust because of the lack of use. By making sure everything is working effectively, you can help to reduce stress and time if the spare tire is needed.

Why it is important to check the Spare Tire

The spare tire is one of the most easily forgotten about parts to inspect on the vehicle. It is also an important part if it needs to be used. If a regular tire goes flat, you will have to rely on the spare tire so that you can reach a location safely. The spare tire is designed to be a temporary solution for the vehicle. Drive with care if the spare tire is on. It can help you to reach a place where the regular tire can be repaired and fixed. This can help to get you back on the road driving again. Without a spare tire, you might become stranded if the regular tire goes out. Inspecting the spare tire takes only a few minutes, and can save a lot of stress in the future. This can also help you to be prepared for any situation that might come up.

Check the condition it is in

When checking the tires for what condition they are in, also make sure to check the spare tire. If there are any noticeable signs of damage, the vehicle should be brought in as soon as you can. We can inspect the spare tire for any damage that it might have. Over time the rubber may become dry and start to rot out. This is mainly because of the lack of use it receives.

Know how to Drive on a Spare Tire

It is also important to know how to drive on a spare tire. Since a spare tire is designed to be a temporary fix, it is best to know how to drive on it. The tire should only be driven for fifty miles. This is typically enough to get you to a place where the other tire can be fixed and repaired. Also make sure to drive under fifty miles per hour in speed. The spare tire is typically smaller, so higher speeds should be avoided. Since driving habits are adjusted with a spare tire, it is usually recommended to take side roads that have less traffic.