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Maintenance for Winter

by | Dec 18, 2018 | winter, Winter care, Winter Driving Tips


Winter maintenance for your vehicle is beneficial for the efficiency of it. If you are not sure of the regular schedule of it, you can look in the owner’s manual. You can also contact us and we can recommend a schedule for your vehicle. Depending on the make, model, and how many miles you put on it, that can determine when maintenance tasks will need to be done for it. If you do not drive as much, you will probably be able to wait longer when you have the oil changed. Other tasks can include brake inspections, tire rotations, and tire alignments.

Oil Changes

The oil will need to be changed for your vehicle regularly, even in the winter. Oil is important because it helps to lubricate the engine and other moving parts of the vehicle. If there is not any oil, then the parts can become damaged. These parts can start to wear against one another or cause strain. Having no oil also means the engine will seize up. The end result is a very costly repair bill, and several failed parts as well. When the oil is changed, the oil filter should be inspected as well. The filter will collect any dirt or pollutants that are in the oil. This prevents them from getting into the engine of your vehicle. With time and age, the filter will need to be replaced.


The tires are another important part to inspect. Tread wear will occur will age and mileage of the tires. The tread helps keep the grip when you are driving on the road. If the roads are slick or slippery, proper tread depth will help you handle the vehicle better on ice. The less tread there is, the greater the chance that the tires slide on the icy roads. You can bring the vehicle in and we can inspect the tread and tires for you.