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Leaving Kids and Pets in a Car is Dangerous

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Auto Repair, Careful, Check backseat, Kids and Pets in hot car | 0 comments

In the summer, leaving kids and pets in the car can quickly become dangerous. This can happen in only a matter of minutes as well. If it is 85 degrees outside, the interior of the vehicle can rise to over 100 degrees. This can happen in about ten minutes as well. The higher the temperature is outside, the higher the interior of the vehicle can get. As the sunrays go through the windows, they become trapped in the interior. This is why you probably notice the dashboard, seat, or steering wheel being so hot once you enter the vehicle again. Without air circulation, the heat only becomes worse.


Leaving kids in the car can have extreme consequences. The human body can only tolerate a certain amount of heat before it rapidly begins to decline. Children cannot tolerate the heat as well as adults, because their body mass is smaller. Also, younger kids cannot regulate heat in their bodies like adults can. Once the body warms up to 104 degrees, kids can suffer heatstroke. If it gets a few degrees higher, then the body begins to shut down. To give an idea how quickly the vehicle can warm up, an average day of 85 degrees can cause the car to be over 100 degrees. If it is sunny, this can happen in about ten minutes. So the hotter it is outside, the hotter and quicker the vehicle heats up.


As lives get busy, parents will strap toddlers in the car seats, and the toddler may fall asleep. This then makes it easy for the parents to forget that they are even in the backseat. If you have to run into the store, even for a brief moment, wake the child up and take them in as well. It is a good idea, no matter what, to always check the backseat before going into work or a store.