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Jump Starting your Car

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Battery, Battery testing, Jump, Jump starting


To jump start your vehicle, you will want to make sure that you follow the correct steps. Doing so will help keep your battery in proper condition. If you jump start your vehicle incorrectly, it can do damage to the vehicle or even cause an injury to yourself. The battery may start to give warning signs that it is starting to fail. If the vehicle is becoming difficult to start, it could be from the battery. You will always want to make sure to schedule an appointment so we can check the battery for you.

Jump starting in the winter

If you leave your vehicle out in the cold weather too long, this can cause the battery to die and have issues. Also be aware if you have any lights on, as this is a quick and common way to drain the battery of your vehicle. As the battery dies, you may need to jump start it in order for the vehicle to start and run. Make sure to know the correct procedure to prevent any issues or accidents. When jump starting a car, make sure to identify which ones are the positive and negative terminals.


The first thing to do is to make sure the dead vehicle and operating vehicle are parked next to each other. Take the read cable and make sure it is attached to the positive terminal of the battery. You will want to connect the red cable to the positive end of each battery. The negative end, which is black, should be attached to the negative terminal of the dead battery. The other end of the cable should then be grounded in order to prevent any issues or damage. If you have any questions, always be sure to check the owner’s manual or contact us. You can make sure the battery is able to be jump started and working efficiently and the best it can.