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Issues with the Air Conditioner of your Car

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Air conditioner, Auto Repair, Car care, Car Care Tips | 0 comments


With summer comes the hot weather and temperatures that will make being outside miserable at times. When you get in your car to drive, you will want it to be as cool and comfortable as possible. Sometimes, the vents will start to blow our cool or warm air, and it will not be cold. If this happens, make sure to contact us so we can inspect it. This issue will only get worse, and will result with a warm and uncomfortable ride as you drive.


As the vehicle is inspected, we can check for any signs of a leak or issue. These leaks can occur from a damaged hose, a gasket that is loose, or any other connection issue. If the issue cannot be found quickly, a dye can be injected into the system. After running for a few minutes, the leaks will be noticeable after using a special light over the dye. In some cases, a sealant will be used so that the problem has been resolved. The leak only becomes worse with time, so make sure to schedule an appointment if you notice a puddle under your vehicle.


The compressor of the air conditioner can also have issues with it. If it does not engage, then the air will not get cold. There might also be low refrigerant levels for the air conditioner. Other issues that could cause this are an electrical problem or an overheated engine. Since this can become a serious problem, it is always best to let a certified technician look at the electrical system. Also remember to check the condenser to ensure that it is not blocked by debris or otherwise damaged. If leaves or debris is blocking it, then it will not be able to produce the cold air. The compressor is typically located at the front of the vehicle, which makes it more prone to dirt, dust, and grime from the road.