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Inspect your Vehicle Before your Summer Trip

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Overheating summer, Safe Driving Tips, Summer







Driving in the summer can be uncomfortable if you do not have air conditioning. If you leave your vehicle parked in the sun when it is 85 degrees, the interior of the vehicle as hot as 103 degrees after only an hour. Not only can it be dangerous for you or passengers to stay in there, but there are other issues. The heat can damage electronic devices or cause the engine to overheat. You will also want to remember to have the vehicle properly maintained. This can help keep it working as good as new.

Look for Shade when Parking

When you park, look for the shade of a tree or a building. By doing so, this will help keep your vehicle cooler on hot sunny days. If you cannot find any shade, park the vehicle so the front end is not facing the sun. This allows less sunlight to get in your vehicle. By keeping the temperature down, you can help prevent it from becoming too hot.

Open Windows

Another way to help keep the interior of your vehicle cool is to crack a few windows. You do not need to lower them completely, just enough to allow air movement to and from your vehicle. Sometimes, opening a few windows lightly can lower the interior temperature by as much as ten degrees. Make sure you are aware of the weather for the day, incase rain or thunderstorms are predicted. This will help prevent you getting into a wet vehicle and seat.

Move things out of the Sun

The hot temperatures can cause damage to electronics and items like your laptop, tablet, or phone. By leaving them in the sun, the battery can wear out much faster. Sometimes it can cause the hard drive or battery to expand physically, leading to further damage. If you have no choice but to keep these in your vehicle, make sure they are in the trunk or under the seat.