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Inspect the Tires so the Fuel Efficiency can Improve

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Auto Repair, Car Care Tips, Fuel Efficiency, General Car Maintenance








A benefit for making sure the vehicle is maintained on a regular basis is that it can help save you money at the pump. A vehicle that is checked regularly can increase the chance that it will run at peak performance. It can also help consume less fuel. Bring your vehicle in and we can inspect it over. If there are any parts that have worn or been damaged, we can repair or replace them accordingly. This not only helps your vehicle, but it can also help to reduce time, worries, and stress. It can also help to prevent a costly repair bill. Between visits, always make sure you bring your vehicle in if you notice any issues with it.



One of the most important factors to improve fuel efficiency is having good quality tires. Having one tire that is below the recommended pressure can add a large amount of friction. It can also cause the vehicle to drag and cause poor fuel efficiency with it. Make sure to check the vehicle owner’s manual for the correct amount of tire pressure that is recommended. Also, the amount can be found on a sticker that is inside the driver’s door. This can help to ensure you have the proper amount of air pressure for the tires to travel safely and efficiently.



The alignment for the wheels can also help to contribute to better fuel efficiency. Aligning the vehicle is also often overlooked. Unless the tires are visibly worn at an uneven amount, it may be hard to notice if the tires are in correct alignment. Bumps in the road or hitting curbs can cause poor alignment. Also try to avoid hitting potholes. Running over a pothole is usually the most common reason why the vehicle has bad alignment. Make sure to bring your vehicle in and we can check the alignment. This can also help to improve the fuel economy for your vehicle when you drive.



Engine oil that is overdue for a change can cause an increase of friction for the vehicle. Also, it may lead to the increase of wear and tear. These things can result in reduced fuel efficiency for the vehicle. Spark plugs can also cause inefficient combustion that leads to wasting fuel. Over time these things can add up and cost you more at the pump. It is important to bring your vehicle in for regular scheduled maintenances. This can help to have it inspected for any worn or damaged parts. It is always better to have a small issue fixed before it turns into a larger and more costly repair bill.