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Inspect the Headlights on Your Vehicle

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Car Care Tips, Driving Habits, Headlights and Tail Lights, Safe Driving Tips

Headlights are an important component to your vehicle to your safety. Headlights serve the purpose of illuminating the road ahead to provide visibility for the drive and to make the vehicle visible to other drivers on the road as well. Without headlights, you can increase your chance of an accident occurring. If you notice the headlights are dim, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible so we can inspect it for you.

Types of Headlights to Choose from

Since the invention of vehicles, headlights have been through numerous designs in order to improve their efficiency and safety for drivers. The most common type of headlight today uses incandescent light bulbs. These type of bulbs work like ones in average house lamps, but are very much more powerful. The filament used in these bulbs evaporates over time and burn out just like any bulb does, leading for replacement every so often. With newer technology, the halogen bulb is starting to emerge in newer vehicle makes and models. These bulbs are similar to traditional incandescent bulbs in that they both require a tungsten filament. However, the halogen bulb uses a thinner filament that offers a brighter white light and the bulb is filled with halogen gas that extends the life of the filament. There are also xenon bulbs, which are growing in popularity because of their ability to produce a much brighter light than any other bulb.

Fog Lights are Important

Fog lights are typically offered as an extra feature on most cars and trucks or can be an aftermarket add-on. These types of lights are designed to be aimed low at the road to maximize visibility in fog, rain or snowy conditions. Since fog lights are angled toward the road at an angle, the light is thrown across the road in front of you and not straight ahead of you where it can be reflected back. Fog lights provide you with more visibility while driving and reduce the glare on a foggy road. However, there are some drawbacks that do not give you quite as much of an advantage as regular headlights. Fog lights only light up a small section of the road and they do not give other drivers enough of a warning sign that your vehicle is approaching. This can prevent the chance of an accident.

Maintain and Clean the Headlights

You should start by checking your lenses for any fogginess or yellowing. Headlights will become cloudy overtime and diffuse the beams of your headlights. This impairs your visibility and makes it difficult for other cars to spot you. Headlights naturally dim overtime, so checking them for brightness is important in itself. You can do this by parking in front of a wall or garage and turning your headlights on. While doing so, you should check them for focus as well. Make sure the headlights are aimed properly. This way they will not be too high or too low. When replacing your headlights it is best to replace them in pairs, that way one of your headlights is not bright and the other is dim. This is not only again for safety, but for maximum illumination on the road.