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Improving Fuel Efficiency for the Vehicle

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Fuel Efficiency, General Car Maintenance, maintenance, Regular Maintenance | 0 comments

Keeping the fuel efficiency at top performance is important. Even if you think the vehicle is getting great fuel mileage, it is always best to keep track of it at each fill-up. That way you will notice the first signs of efficiency decreasing. As always, the best way to keep the vehicle well maintained and at the best performance is to have it inspected bumper to bumper. This will help catch any issue before they become worse and costly when repairing. Check the vehicle owner’s manual for what the schedule should be, or contact us and we can advise a schedule.


Besides maintenance, make sure to follow some other tips to improve the fuel efficiency. Be aware of the speed limit on the roads you are driving on. No matter if it is the interstate or in the St Louis Park area, following the speed limit will help improve mileage. Even driving slightly below the speed limit on the interstate will help the fuel consumption. It also helps reduce the chance of getting a speeding ticket. Besides improving the mileage, driving a little below the speed limit also helps to have proper control of the vehicle when the roads are wet or slick.


By noticing the traffic ahead, your driving can be adjusted. Make sure to coast when approaching a stop sign or stop lights instead of slamming on the brakes last second. Taking your foot off the gas pedal will help save money and gas in the long run. It saves more in fuel than accelerating to try and beat the red light. The same thing should be applied when taking an exit ramp or when there is a bend in the road. Also be aware of any slow traffic or stop and go. Fast accelerating and slamming the brakes will waste fuel and cost you more in mileage