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Improve the Brake System on your Vehicle

by | Jul 6, 2015 | ABS, Anti-Lock Brakes, Brake Repair, Car Care Tips

The brakes are among the most important safety features your vehicle has. Making sure that your brakes are the best they can be helps in improving the safety of your vehicle while you are driving. Among the important things that you will need to have for your brakes are good operational calipers for disc brakes. You will also need to make sure that the brake pads are in good condition. So that everyone else will know that you are stopping, you will need to have fully operational brake lights as well. This will help in making sure that you will be able to stay safe at all times while you are driving.


The Calipers Improve the Brake System

Disc brakes work by calipers squeezing the brake pads against the disc. As more pressure is applied, the car slows down to a halt. If the brake pads are not properly maintained or the brake fluid runs out, the car will not be able to stop. The calipers should be able to easily close on the disc so that they vehicle will be able to slow down even when descending a steep hill. The calipers can last a long time as long as they are properly maintained. This can be an expensive or time consuming repair to complete.

Brake Pads are Needed in Order to Stop

The brake pads are the one part of the braking system that is designed to wear out. Even the discs are designed to last a long time with good brake pads always being used. Pay attention to the sounds you hear when you are driving. If you hear a squeaking sound, you may have to replace your brake pads soon. If you hear a grinding sound, the brake pads have completely worn out and you are danger. Make sure you get the brake pads which are designed for use with your car and with your disc brakes. Getting the wrong pads can wear down the disc or will wear out or crack quickly. Always check with your owner’s manual when looking for what kinds of brake pads you need for your car.

The Brake Lights should be Working Properly

As you step on the brakes, you will need to show everyone else that you are stopping. The brake lights convey this message very easily. It is important to make sure that you are not only inspecting wires for your brake lights if they are in-operational. You may also need to simply replace the light bulbs. This will make sure that everyone will be able to see whenever you are stopping. Most cars will give you a warning of a rapid fire blinker whenever a light is out or is about to go out. If you do not know that a brake light is out, you will likely be pulled over by a police officer to let you know. You can bring the vehicle in at any time and we can inspect the lights for you. This can help keep you and your passengers safe when you drive.