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How the Winter Weather Can Affect your Vehicle

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Car Care Tips, General Car Maintenance, Winter care, Winter Driving Tips

winter care


Winter care for your vehicle is needed. Keeping your vehicle well maintained is important, especially in the winter. There are several things you should inspect on the vehicle regularly. One thing is the filter on your vehicle. Your vehicle’s air filter helps to clean the air that passes through the engine area. Throughout the winter, you should inspect the engine. It can pick up and become inhibited by moisture, sludge and dirt. Though road salt plays a big role in keeping roads drivable in the winter, many are unaware of its major downside. If left unattended, most types of road salt will slowly eat away at your vehicle’s body, setting the perfect table for rust to form.

Most drivers mistakenly believe that salt stops being a problem once it dries simply because moisture is the active ingredient for a corrosive reaction. This is not true, as the moisture in the air is enough to keep the salt eating away. You can help prevent this by making sure you have your vehicle washed often so it removes the salt before it has a chance to cause rust to form.

Be aware of potholes

Potholes, hitting curbs and even driving over bumpy railway tracks can cause your vehicle’s alignment to shift. Just because you don’t notice it pulling doesn’t mean your alignment is within spec. Your car can be out of alignment and not pull, but uneven tire wear can still occur and reduce handling.

Weather changes

Weather changes affect tire pressure, and that can lead to premature wear and reduced handling. Hitting potholes caused by winter can damage your tire’s sidewall, weakening its overall strength. Check for splitting and large bumps in the sidewalls caused by air getting between the layers of rubber.  Many times the damage is on the inner sidewall, not evident at first glance. If you notice any issue with your vehicle, make sure to bring it in as soon as possible so we can inspect it for you.