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Having your Vehicle Ready for Winter

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Car Care Tips, General Car Maintenance, Safe Driving, Winter Driving Tips



Cold weather can be particularly tough on cars, although most new vehicles are designed to operate well in all types of temperatures. There are some tips to keep your vehicle running efficiently during the winter months.

A car’s coolant system is not only designed to keep your engine from overheating, but it’s also responsible for protecting it against corrosion. Before the weather gets too cold, make sure you are using coolant that has the proper mix of antifreeze and water.

When the outside temperature changes, it will influence the internal temperature of your engine, so make sure you are using the proper oil for the conditions. The oil should also be changed based on the recommended schedule to keep it fresh and clean.

A car battery can die without any notice. Extremely cold temperatures can reduce a car battery’s life by up to 50 percent. Before the cold weather sets in, have your battery tested. Also, make sure your battery connections are free from corrosion.

Tire pressure is especially important during the winter, as a properly inflated tire will help guarantee better traction in wet, snowy conditions. Make sure to read your owner’s manual to find the correct tire pressures. If there is a leak in the tires, it should be inspected as soon as possible. This can help prevent the chance you are stranded unexpectedly.

Visibility while driving during winter months can be a great frustration. Precipitation and salt buildup on the windshield can play havoc while driving in winter weather. So make sure that you not only check the condition of your windshield wiper blades, but also consider changing your existing blades to versions that are made for the harsh winter weather. Also check and fill your wiper fluid reservoir.

Also be aware of anything that could be out of the norm with your vehicle. This will help it to remain safe and reliable.