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Having the Tires in the Best Condition is Important

by | Jun 13, 2017 | General Car Maintenance, Road Trips, Safe Driving, Tire Repair








Tires provide traction on roads and other surfaces. The size and the style of the tire can have an effect on fuel efficiency as well as your ability to maintain traction on certain surfaces. While buying great tires is a good starting point, you will need to maintain them so they will last as long as you want them to.


Every vehicle has different requirements when it comes to the tires. The weight of the vehicle has a lot to do with the kind of tire you need to purchase. The type of tire is also dependent on what the vehicle is designed to do. Vehicles designed to be sporty often have wide wheels to grab the road easier. If the vehicle has four wheel drive capability and will be used off road, you will need a tire that has good traction for off road handling. Deep tread allows dirt to get in between the tread so there is more connection with solid surfaces.


The tire alignment is highly important for your tires. If all of the tires are not pointed in the same direction, it can cause a drag. Not only can this cause your car to pull to one side of the road or the other. It will also cause the tire that is being dragged to endure excessive wear. Uneven wear on the tire means that a bald spot on the tire can appear faster. It also causes a possibility in which the tire might become flat. If you are noticing that the car is pulling to one side, it is important to get this taken care of right away.


Tire pressure is extremely important to maintaining the life of the tire. The right amount of pressure in a tire ensures that even wear is possible. It also means that the right amount of traction is being delivered whenever the vehicle is accelerating. If you are unsure if your tires have the right tire pressure, you can use a tire gauge. Simply remove the nozzle protection and put the gauge over the nozzle. The white plastic stick slides out of the metal outer core to tell you exactly what the pound per square inch (PSI) of the tire is. If the PSI is off from what it should be, fill it using a tire inflation device designed for used with automotive vehicles. If you are unsure what the tire pressure for your tires should be, consult the inside door panel on the driver’s side. Never go by the information which is listed on the tire if there is anything written there. Correct tire pressure also helps you to get better fuel efficiency.