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What Fuel Efficiency Means

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Auto Repair, Driving Habits, Fuel Efficiency, General Car Maintenance

The fuel efficiency refers to how effectively your vehicle converts fuel into the energy that actually powers the vehicle. While shopping for a new vehicle, the fuel efficiency rating is available on the window sticker. The values that are given will cover a range and will be an average based testing. It is nearly impossible to predict the exact fuel efficiency of a vehicle because your own driving habits impact the miles per gallon of your vehicle.

How Driving Can Affect the Efficiency

Bad driving habits have an impact on the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Aggressive driving and speeding is not a way to obtain better fuel mileage. You should observe the speed limit and set your cruise control when it is safe to do so. Driving at a constant speed keeps you from accelerating when it is not needed, making for a more consistent optimal fuel economy. By removing unnecessary excess weight, you can increase your miles per gallon because your vehicle does not have to work as hard to power itself to move forward. When you idle, the vehicle can burn quite a bit of fuel. This is why instead of idling you should turn off your engine when it is parked. Cold weather and frequent short stops also reduce your fuel economy, since your engine does not operate efficiently until it is warmed up.

Tips to Increase the Fuel Efficiency

Purchasing a vehicle that has a smaller body style, is lightweight, and has a less powerful engine are the first steps you can take to achieving a more fuel-efficient vehicle. If you are able, you should purchase a manual transmission because you are able to get more miles per gallon rather than with automatic transmissions. Typically front wheel drive vehicles, such as cars, get better fuel mileage as opposed to four wheel drive vehicles or trucks. If you are looking for maximum fuel efficiency, hybrid cars offer drivers sufficient gas mileage. Although they have a higher cost upfront, drivers often see the benefit both for them and for their economy.

Other Options to Help Save Money

Other ways to help your vehicle get better fuel mileage can be driving habits that you should change. Things like jackrabbit starts and speeding decline the miles per gallon. If you slowly accelerate, then less fuel will be wasted. It will also save on the condition of other parts of your vehicle. The same is true for braking. If you slam on the brakes, it can cause the brake system to wear out sooner than it typically should. Instead, try to anticipate any stop you might have to make. Another way to safe on fuel is make sure to empty out the vehicle the best you can. Do not use the vehicle as a storage unit. This extra weight will cause poor mileage when you travel. If your vehicle is free of extra weight and you still notice poor mileage, make sure to bring it in as soon as you can. It could be a sign that maintenance is needed for your vehicle. This can help make for a pleasant and safe drive.