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Frozen Doors this Winter

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Car care, Car Care Tips, Clearing the windshield, frozen

Having a frozen door for your vehicle will be a common problem during the winter months. By making sure that you keep your vehicle in a garage and out of the winter elements, you can prevent this. In cold temperatures, a thin layer of ice will for between the door frame of the vehicle. You will want to get the door loose without damaging any parts inside. This will also include the weather stripping. You will want to try to gently pull and push on the door handle. Doing so can help loosen the grip that the door may have. If the ice is brittle and thin, the push and pull method can be beneficial.

Frozen Doors for your Vehicle

You can also help to remove the ice by using an ice scraper on it. This will help remove the ice and snow that would be on the door or window of your car. It can also help to break free any ice that is preventing the door from opening. You will want to remember to be careful when using the ice scraper, as it can damage or chip the pain on your vehicle as well. Once you get a door open, you can start your vehicle so it will help warm up the vehicle. As the vehicle becomes warmer, the other doors may open easier.

You can also apply a de-icer for the door handle and lock. This will help make it easier to open, as it keeps it properly lubricated. You can do this to the handles, locks, and space between the door from and vehicle. You can also use this to help remove ice anywhere else on the vehicle. Once inside the car, you should turn it on so you can help it warm up faster. Doing so will help you to open the rest of the doors of the vehicle as well.