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Frost Free Windows are Important for your Vehicle

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Car Care Tips, Frost, Regular Maintenance, Safe Driving



Clearing frost from the windows is important when you drive. In the morning, remember to take a few extra minutes to scrape the windows entirely. Frost, ice, snow, and other debris should always be clearly removed from your windshield. This will help you to have the best visibility possible, so you can avoid a potential accident in the long run as well. You will want to clear away more than just in front of where you drive. Make sure that the windshield is also free of any cracks or damage that it might have.

Frost on side windows

You will also want to clear the side windows and rear windshield of the vehicle as well. As you clear away frost and ice, you can make sure to see out of each window of the vehicle. You will also be able to see any traffic or pedestrians near your vehicle. This will allow you time to slow down and stop. If you cannot see out of the side windows, the chance for an accident will increase. Scraping the rear windshield is also important so you can see who or what is behind you. This is especially important when backing up.


Before you start scraping the windows, make sure to turn on the defrost in your vehicle. This will help warm up the interior of the vehicle, as well as the windows. When you do this, it will help make scraping of the windows easier, and removing frost quickly. You will want to purchase an ice scraper or two, to make sure you are ready for the upcoming winter. If you notice that the defrost does not work as efficiently as it otherwise should, contact us. You will want to bring it in as soon as possible so we can inspect it. If there is an issue, we can repair it so you can get back to having a warm and comfortable car.