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Fall Car Care starts Now

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Efficient, Fall, Fall inspection, maintenance


The fall weather is a good time to make sure your vehicle will be ready for the upcoming months. The first step to do is to have the vehicle inspected bumper to bumper. Make an appointment with us so we can check all the parts and components for you. There are several parts that should be inspected on a regular basis, even in the fall. Also remember to contact us at any sign of a problem you notice happening or starting to form.


The tires should be inspected on a regular basis as well. You will want to make sure that they are properly inflated. When they are not, it can lead them to wear unevenly. This will then result in poor fuel efficiency and faster wear to the tires. It can also cause damage to the steering and suspension of the vehicle. When a tire is low, you may notice the vehicle pulling in that direction as well. If the vehicle does not travel straight, you can end up causing more damage in the long run. Make sure that you schedule an appointment with us this fall so we can inspect the tires for you.

Fall Oil Change

Oil changes and inspections are also important. The clean fresh oil will help to keep the engine and other moving parts properly lubricated for the vehicle. If there is no oil, then you will notice that the engine has issues performing. It can quickly lead to the engine seizing up. When this happens, you will need to have the engine replaced. The oil should also be checked so it does not look like sludge. Having the oil filter inspected as well can help ensure the oil travels through it efficiently. This will help keel the oil in the best condition longer as well when the vehicle operates.