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Exhaust System Repair

Most of us think of the exhaust system on our vehicles as the exhaust pipe and the muffler……and because of the materials they use to build these components, your exhaust pipe and muffler may never have to be replaced.  BUT, there are a few more components that our engines push exhaust through before they get to the exhaust pipe and muffler. Here is a list:

  • Exhaust manifold
  • Catalytic converter
  • Oxygen sensor

These three “out of site” components are actually the real important parts……the manifold grabs the gasses coming off the engine.  Inside the manifold is the oxygen sensor and it’s job is to make sure there is a correct blend of oxygen and fuel so your vehicle is not running too rich or too lean, and the catalytic converter acts as a washing machine removing the bad stuff to protect the environment. The exhaust pipe and the muffle are present to mainly reduce the noise.  
If you notice your vehicle has become noisy, having the exhaust pipe and muffler inspected is probably your best course of action.  If you are using more fuel than normal, your vehicle suddenly has no get up and go, or there is an unusual smell coming from your exhaust system, the problem could be in those hidden components.  Our ASE trained technicians work on exhaust systems regularly and can diagnose your problem.