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Engine Repair Service

Fortunately, today’s vehicles do not have many serious engine problems, especially if you follow the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.  Due to the trouble-free operation most of us enjoy, how do you know if you may be having an engine problem?  Here are some things to be of:
  • Suddenly your vehicle seems to have trouble starting.
  • When you are at a stop sign your vehicle seems to be running rough, or shuts off without warning.
  • Your riding lawn mower has better acceleration than your car.
  • Your stops at the neighborhood gas station have increased in frequency even though your miles driven have not changed.
  • You find yourself adding multiple quarts of oil between oil change intervals.
  • That pesky service light on your dash is staying lit.
One thing for sure, if you suspect you may be having an engine problem, give us a call and let us diagnose the issue. Postponing necessary engine repairs can quickly lead to bigger and more expensive problems.