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Efficient Vehicles are Important

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Auto Repair, Efficient, Oil Change, Regular Maintenance



One way to help keep your vehicle lasting as long as possible is to make sure that it is properly maintained. Like anything, taking care of a car will help the longevity of it. The performance of the vehicle can also be at it’s best as well. When you are not sure of the schedule for your vehicle, we can recommend one. Having an efficient vehicle is important to help you save money and unexpected breakdowns in the long run.

Fuel Mileage

Notice what your fuel mileage is for your vehicle. If there is a significant decrease, then schedule an appointment for us to inspect the vehicle. One sign of a decrease in how efficient the vehicle is can be noticed by poor fuel mileage. It can also be caused by several different things. The tires may be in less than ideal condition, or there could be a problem with the steering. Sometimes it can be a simple fix like tightening the gas cap further until you hear it click a few times.


The vehicle should also have the oil and oil filter changed on a regular basis. With clean fresh oil, the engine can run at top performance levels as well. If the oil keeps getting lower, it can do damage to the parts under the hood. Always make sure your vehicle has oil in it. Without oil, the parts will wear and grind against one another. This can result in the engine seizing up. This will be a costly repair bill because you will need to fully replace the engine.


An oil filter will also help keep the oil lasting as long as possible. This is because it remove contaminants and pollutants that are in the oil. Usually the oil filter can be replaced with every other oil change. Depending on how often you drive your vehicle, and the condition of the oil, that may determine when the oil filter is changed.