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Dying Battery and Symptoms to Notice for your Car

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Battery, Battery testing, Car Battery, Car Care Tips | 0 comments

dying batteryUsually, a car battery usually dies gradually and over time. Notice the symptoms and replace the battery before being stranded in the middle of nowhere. The onset of winter will bring about many difficulties, and one of them is the burdening impact on car batteries.

Leaving your car parked overnight in the winter time can lead to troubles when you try to start it the next morning. Only a battery that is not close to dying and is in optimum condition will withstand cold temperatures without any problem.

Below, you will find out about the common symptoms that your car displays when you try to run it on an inefficient or worn out battery. If you notice these symptoms, make sure that you get them addressed if you wish to drive safe in the winter.

Dashboard Warning Light for a Dying Battery

Most vehicles come with a warning light indicator on the dashboard. If you find a light that is shaped like a car battery illuminate, then check the battery. The light also indicates other problems relating to the car battery such as the alternator and other electrical systems. If this comes on, contact us immediately. This way we can inspect and check the vehicle and battery.

Slow Engine Crank

The engine consumes the amperage from the battery every time it starts. If your battery is about to die, you will likely experience a slow engine crank. If you experience the car’s engine cranking at a slower speed than usual, then you must take your vehicle for an inspection instantly.

Clicking Sound

If you hear a clicking sound when you are turning your key, this is a clear indication of a faulty battery. This is the sound that signals car owners that the available power is not sufficient to start the engine. You can try turning your key as many times as you like, or leave it to cool down, it will not make any difference if you hear this noise. There is a high likely hood that your battery is completely dead if you happen to hear this noise.

Dim Headlights from a Dying Battery

The headlights consume a good chunk of power from your car battery. If your battery begins to die, its power output becomes significantly low. This is why you may notice the headlights dim when driving.. If you notice a sudden decrease in headlight brightness, then make sure that you check the car battery for any faults.

There are many issues that a battery may experience, and these symptoms may not necessarily point towards a dying battery. In some instances, small faults in battery components such as the alternator and cables can also lead to these signs. Therefore, make sure that you make a self inspection of any lose wires or corrosion before you make a battery replacement.