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Does your vehicle need an engine overhaul?

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Auto Repair, Engine Overhaul, General Car Maintenance

If your engine is starting to fail, you may need an engine overhaul. When an engine is overhauled, it is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and repaired as necessary. Depending on what the issue is with your engine, sometimes an overhaul is better than if you would fully replace it. This can also save you money and you will not need a brand new engine for your vehicle.

What is an Engine overhaul?

When an engine is overhauled, a few basic things are done to restore it to a good working condition. The lower half of the engine is removed and is disassembled and cleaned so that it can be properly evaluated. Depending on the condition of the internal parts of the engine, bearings, and piston rings, they may need to be replaced. The internal surfaces of the cylinders are also reconditioned to make sure the piston rings can form a proper seal with the cylinder walls. The engine is then reassembled and installed back into your vehicle. If only a small part of your engine is having the issue, this may be the recommended choice for you.

Reasons you would need an engine overhaul?

Having your engine overhauled does not have to be a major expense or inconvenience. There are two main reasons why you would choose an overhaul over any other option. If there is any sign of wear to the engine bearings, it is usually best to have an overhaul done. This is also recommended if you have piston rings that are poorly seated. The moving parts of an engine are mounted on bearings, which allow them to move freely as they are lubricated by engine oil. The bearings are built to last over thousands of miles, but eventually they will start to wear down. The wear is accelerated when a vehicle is poorly maintained and running low on oil levels. Worn bearings will start to produce a loud knocking noise and will eventually cause the engine to fail. Piston rings can also cause issues to your engine if they are not properly maintained. They seal in the expanding cases that are created when the gasoline burns within the engine. As they wear, they no longer can seal the cylinders properly. When this occurs, the crankcase oil escapes past the worn rings and is burned with the fuel mixture that is in the cylinder. This is typically why older engines have an excessive amount of smoke in the vehicle’s exhaust. With all the issues that can happen with your engine, it is wise to always make sure to go to scheduled maintenance tune-ups so your vehicle is running as good as possible.

Signs you will need an engine overhaul

If you are wondering if your engine may need an overhaul, you can look for a few signs from your vehicle. One common sign is excessive oil consumption and white smoke in the exhaust, especially when the engine is cold. More extreme signs that your engine needs attention are metal shavings in the engine’s oil, or if you hear a knocking noise while the engine is running. If your vehicle makes any unusually noises, especially if it is becoming more common, you should bring it and have it evaluated for proper service and repair.