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Determining Dashboard Warning Light Meanings

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Dashboard, Dashboard light, dashboard warning, Driving Habits



Each dashboard warning light for your vehicle means different things. It is important that you are always aware of anytime the light may illuminate. If a light does come on, then you can determine where the issue might be for your vehicle. Also be aware if the light on the dashboard starts to blink. When a light does blink, then it will indicate a much serious issues that is occurring. You should make sure that you pull the vehicle over as soon as it is safe to do so. Then make sure to turn the vehicle off so damage to it is reduced.

Dashboard Lights

When the battery light illuminates, you may be experiencing issues with how your vehicle is starting. You will want to make sure to have the alternator, starter, and battery all inspected. If the vehicle is slow to start, or stay operating, it could be one of these to blame. Having a vehicle that is slow to start can eventually become worse over time. If you are not sure if the vehicle is in need of a new battery, make sure to schedule an appointment with us so we can inspect it for you.

ABS Light

You will also want to be aware if the ABS dashboard light illuminates as well. If the anti-lock brake system is not working properly or efficiently, it can lead to safety risks. Make sure to be aware of anything that is abnormal with your brakes for your vehicle. By noticing an issue, you can help prevent further problems from occurring when you stop. If the ABS light is blinking, you will want to stop your vehicle when it is safe to do so. Having the brakes inspected can help prevent further issues from occurring, like the brakes failing completely. We can check the brake pads and brake rotors to see if they are in need of a replacement. Having them replaced will help keep the brakes in the best condition.