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Dashboard Warning Lights to Know about

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Check Engine Light, Dashboard light, dashboard warning, General Car Maintenance

dashboard warning





Keeping your car in the best condition is important. One thing that will help accomplish this is by being aware of the dashboard warning lights. If one lights up on the dashboard, make sure to notice what it is. This helps to determine the source of the issue. If the light starts blinking, make sure to pull the vehicle over as soon as it is safe to do so. By turning off the vehicle, you can help save further damage from occurring on the vehicle.

ABS light

This light will come on if there are any issues with the anti-lock braking system. It can also come on if your car is doing a bulb check. If it’s a bulb check then stopping safely and turning the car off and on again should turn the light off. The light might remain on however. If this happens, bring it in as soon as possible to be inspected.

Battery light 

This should come on when you turn on your car. If it doesn’t go out after a few seconds then there may be a fault with the electrical system. This could cause you to come to a halt if the battery isn’t working properly. It’s best to get it checked out as soon as possible. It could be a faulty battery or it could be due to the alternator drive belt braking.

Airbag warning light

This light comes on when there is an issue with the airbag. It is important to get a faulty airbag looked at as soon as possible. It may not release and protect the driver and passengers during a crash. Also, a faulty airbag could go off at any time causing shock, injury or blocking your view.

Hazard lights 

This light is to indicate that your hazard lights are on. Ensure that these are only used when there is an emergency and you need to slow down. If they are on by accident it could cause disruption, as people will think there is something wrong with your vehicle. If the lights are on permanently and you cannot turn them off, bring the vehicle in.